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Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

The implementation of an Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems when appropriately designed, fitted and maintained is widely considered the most effective fire suppression measures available. Automatically activated in the event of fire an Automatic Fire Sprinkler System can result in a significant reduction in fire damage, its associated costs and disruption to the daily operation of your business or premises.

Designed and fitted to the highest quality, Combined Fire Systems - Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems are designed and fitted in accordance with Australian Standards 2118.

The effectiveness of Combined Fire Systems  - Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems not only protect valuable assets, but most importantly protects lives through the early detection, warning and suppression of a fire hazard, whilst activating an alarm which facilitates the orderly and safe evacuation of personnel from the fire areas before potential injury or loss of life occurs. 

Combined Fire Systems will design to your specific requirements, then install, commission and maintain a cost effective automatic fire system and offering the full range of leading Fire Sprinkler Systems including;

Before recommending any system Combined Fire Systems will first gain a complete understanding of your needs through a collaborative process of extensive consultation and evaluation of your requirements, taking into careful consideration; 

Combined Fire Systems commitment to innovation and technology delivers total customer satisfaction through the commissioning of the most effective and cost efficient automatic fire sprinkler system, designed and configured to meet your specific fire and life safety requirements protecting what matters.

For more information regarding our automatic fire sprinkler systems or for a detailed quotation, please contact our Estimating Department on Ph.08 8260 1110 or email

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